May 5, 2017
Testamentary Special Needs Trusts

Testamentary Special Needs Trusts in Medical Planning

Creating a Testamentary Special Needs Trust (TSNT) is often a good tool to utilize when planning for Medicaid for a spouse.  A TSNT is a trust created under your Last Will and Testament.  Under current rules, funds contained in a properly drafted testamentary trust generally […]
May 5, 2017
Nursing Home Costs

Paying for Nursing Home Care

In Massachusetts, nursing home care can cost as much as $15,000 a month and the average nursing home stay is two years.  Unfortunately, there are not very many options for covering nursing home costs.  There are typically four options for paying for nursing homes: Private […]
April 4, 2017

Massachusetts Medical Orders For Life Sustaining Treatment (MOLST)

A MOLST is a clinical form and standard of care which describes your wishes for certain medically appropriate life-sustaining treatments in a medical emergency.   It is a medical professional’s order that helps you keep control over medical care at the end of life.  Similar to […]
April 4, 2017

Pre-Paid Funeral Contracts

Although funerals are never a fun thing to think about, failure to plan for this inevitability can have negative consequences for you and your family.  When a loved one dies emotions are high.  Financial implications of a funeral are often overlooked.  However, funeral expenses are […]
February 16, 2017

Choosing a Personal Representative

Choosing a Personal Representative for your estate is one of the most important decisions you will make.  Your Personal Representative has complete authority over the administration of your Estate.  The Personal Representative also has significant responsibilities, including settling creditor claims, filing individual and estate tax […]
February 16, 2017

Appointing a Health Care Agent

If you were to become incapacitated and unable to make your medical decisions, who would make those decisions for you?  If you haven’t executed a formal Health Care Proxy, in which you’ve named a trusted person to make health decisions on your behalf, then you […]